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Following the 2009 military coup d’état that ousted former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, there were major protests throughout the country both in favor of his forced exile and against it. While the legitimacy of Zelaya’s removal is still widely disputed, the brutal response against peaceful protesters by the government of interim-president Roberto Micheletti is well-documented. Local and international NGOs reported daily attacks and violations of fundamental rights directed against civilians protesting Zelaya’s “impeachment.” In many cases these assaults lead to deaths, injury, and the physical and psychological torture of protesters taken into custody. Physicians for Human Rights, along with three local NGOs, have analyzed 14 cases of such torture.

PHR Calls on Honduran Government to Address Impunity for Ill-Treatment and Torture (February 12, 2014)

PHR issued a report today, finding that the Honduran authorities failed to ensure justice in cases involving torture and/or ill-treatment following the 2009 coup d’état, and called on the Honduran government to ensure that these cases are prosecuted and the judicial system is restored.

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Honduran Doctor Remains on Government Hit List (July 21, 2009)

The Honduran army has been ordered to arrest Luther Castillo, MD, a Honduran physician and advocate for the health of the rural poor of Honduras. If Dr. Castillo resists arrest, the army has orders to shoot him.

Take action: Help Protect a Threatened Honduran Physician (July 9, 2009)

The Honduran army has been ordered to capture Luther Castillo, MD, and shoot him if he resists arrest, the Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) reports. Dr. Castillo, an indigenous Graifuna physician, is an advocate for the health of rural Hondurans and has spoken out against the recent coup.

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Annual Report 2013 (June 2014)

Physicians for Human Rights' 2013 Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of our work between July 2012 and June 2013 (PHR’s fiscal year).

Impunity in Honduras (February 2014)

PHR sent a team of forensic experts to Honduras to investigate cases of alleged torture and ill-treatment by the country’s security forces that had occurred in the aftermath of the 2009 coup d’état.

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Honduras: Constitutional Crisis and Coup D’état (2009)

In 2009, Honduran President Zelaya's attempt to reform the constitution was seen as a threat by the military and legislative branch. It was thought Zelaya would attempt to eliminate presidential term limits, so on June 28 he was overthrown in a coup. Read More »