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High resolution photos of our staff are available on our staff photos page.

Donna McKay

Donna McKay, MS

Executive Director, New York

Donna McKay joined PHR as executive director in February 2012, bringing more than 20 years of international and domestic nonprofit experience to the organization. She provides overall leadership and strategic direction and manages PHR’s staff and volunteers globally. After joining PHR, McKay moved the organization’s headquarters from Massachusetts to New York, and hired over 30 new, high-caliber staff with extensive human rights experience. Learn More »

Corinne Ahearn

Corinne Ahearn

Senior Budget Officer, New York

Corinne Ahearn is responsible for monitoring and reporting on PHR's grants, which range from small foundation grants to large institutional and government grants. She oversees the financial component of all phases of grant awards, including pre-award and post-award activities, and in conjunction with program staff she makes sure that all grants are expended in a manner that maximizes the benefit to PHR. Learn More »

Christine Alai

Christine Alai, LLM

Kenya Coordinator, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Kenya

Christine Alai is responsible for the advancement of the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones in Kenya. She represents PHR to government, local, and international partners; develops and manages partnerships with individual and institutional collaborators; conducts advocacy; and coordinates and leads forensic trainings to influence collaboration among medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel with the goal of enhancing prosecutions and accountability for sexual violence in Kenya. Learn More »

Sonya Alvarez

Sonya Alvarez

Major Gifts Manager, New York

Sonya Alvarez is responsible for maintaining and building the major giving program at PHR. She is tasked with expanding the organization’s pool of individual major giving prospects to increase fundraising potential, as well as maintaining its long-held personal relationships. Learn More »

Elise Baker

Elise Baker

Research Coordinator, New York

Elise Baker leads PHR’s Syria mapping project, which documents attacks on medical facilities and personnel through a rigorous combination of open-source research and field source reporting. She also conducts field and desk research to author reports, briefing papers, and op-eds for PHR. Learn More »

Widney Brown

Widney Brown

Director of Programs, New York

Widney Brown oversees PHR’s research, investigations, monitoring and evaluation, documentation, advocacy, and capacity-building projects. Learn More »

Rachel Chapman, LLM

Rachel Chapman, LLM

Director of Operations, New York

Rachel Chapman brings more than 15 years of experience in global human resources and human rights to Physicians for Human Rights. She oversees people operations, internationally and in the United States, and spearheads efforts to meet the strategic challenges of supporting a growing and global workforce. Learn More »

Hannah Chotiner-Gardner

Hannah Chotiner-Gardner

Director of Institutional Development & Director of Budget, New York

Hannah Chotiner-Gardner is responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to obtain institutional support for PHR projects and operations. To that end, she cultivates and maintains relationships with private foundations, corporations, government agencies, and other institutions. She is responsible for communicating information about PHR’s mission and accomplishments to current and prospective funders and identifying opportunities for them to help finance projects and initiatives that further their own missions and objectives. Learn More »

Sarah Dougherty

Sarah Dougherty, JD, MPH

Senior Fellow, U.S. Anti-Torture Program, Washington D.C.

Sarah Dougherty coordinates PHR’s U.S. Anti-Torture Program, which seeks to end torture in the United States, advance transparency and accountability for violations, and ensure that all detainees are treated in accordance with domestic and international laws. Learn More »

John Dreher

John Dreher

Information Technology Manager, New York

John Dreher manages all IT functions for PHR’s U.S. and international locations, which includes overseeing the maintenance, operations, and future of all computer network systems. He brings more than 19 years of computer expertise in both the public and private sectors, working for one of the top print advertisers in the United States and a leading global chemical company. Learn More »

DeDe Dunevant

DeDe Dunevant

Director of Communications, New York

DeDe Dunevant oversees all communications efforts at PHR, including publications, media relations, and internet communications. Her communications career spans more than fifteen years and includes experience in the fields of drug policy reform, education, international volunteerism, and global public health. Learn More »

Stephen Fee

Stephen Fee

Media Relations Manager, New York

Stephen Fee is PHR’s main contact for both the domestic and international media, and works with reporters to publicize PHR’s work and the organization’s experts. Learn More »

Meredith Fortin

Meredith Fortin, JD

Asylum Program Officer, New York

Meredith Fortin oversees the development, recruitment, and training of the PHR Asylum Network, a cadre of more than 500 physicians, psychologists, and mental health professionals who provide pro bono forensic evaluations to asylum-seekers across the United States. Learn More »

Carolyn Greco, JD

Advocacy Associate, Washington D.C.

Carolyn Greco provides advocacy, outreach, and administrative support for the policy team at Physicians for Human Rights. She performs policy analysis for various programmatic initiatives, including anti-torture, medical neutrality, sexual violence, and war crimes accountability. Learn More »

Hannah Howroyd

Hannah Howroyd

Development Associate, New York

Hannah Howroyd is responsible for providing administrative and technical support for PHR’s development department. She coordinates fundraising and direct response efforts, maintains the donor database, and produces regular department reports. Howroyd also assists the development team by managing prospect research and creating program and grant reports. Learn More »

Vincent Iacopino, MD

Vincent Iacopino, MD, PhD

Medical Director

During his 22 years with PHR, Dr. Vincent Iacopino has conducted medical fact-finding investigations and documented a wide range of human rights violations all over the world, including in Afghanistan, Botswana, Burma, Chad, Chechyna, Iraq, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and Zimbabwe. Learn More »

Harmonie Kobanghe

Program Assistant, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Harmonie Kobanghe provides administrative, logistical, and programmatic support for the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones at PHR. She manages internal financial reporting, accounting, and both U.S.- and field-based program expenses. She also handles logistics for PHR’s trainings on the documentation of court-admissible evidence of sexual violence in Kenya and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Learn More »

Inge Kool

Inge Kool, MS

DRC Coordinator, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, DRC

Inge Kool coordinates trainings, advocacy, and research related to the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones at Physicians for Human Rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Based in Bukavu, South Kivu, she is responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships and forging coalitions among regional medical, law enforcement, and legal experts. Learn More »

Varduhi Kyureghyan

Varduhi Kyureghyan

Senior Accountant, New York

Varduhi Kyureghyan manages various accounting functions at Physicians for Human Rights, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, cash reconciliation, and investment accounts. She also assists in the yearly audit and works closely with the development department to reconcile monthly donor revenues. Learn More »

Thomas McHale

Tom McHale, SM

Program Officer, Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Tom McHale provides programmatic and training-specific support for PHR’s Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones – a forensic training and advocacy initiative that helps forge networks of collaboration among medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel to support prosecutions and accountability for sexual violence in East and Central Africa. Learn More »

Christine Mehta

Christine Mehta

Researcher, New York

Christine Mehta conducts field and desk investigations documenting and exposing war crimes and mass atrocities. In addition, she is responsible for monitoring global human rights issues, producing reports, and conducting advocacy as part of the research and investigations team at PHR. Learn More »

Zied Mhirsi, MD, MPH

Zied Mhirsi, MD, MPH

Senior Program Officer, Forensic Training Institute, New York

Zied Mhirsi, MD, works with health and legal personnel and other stakeholders to develop the expertise necessary to undertake human rights investigations, and also designs and implements a set of innovative and comprehensive capacity development activities. Learn More »

Marianne Mollmann

Marianne Møllmann, LLM, MSc

Senior Researcher, New York

Marianne Møllmann heads PHR’s research and investigations team, supporting the planning, coordination, and implementation of research by staff and volunteers. Learn More »

Karen Naimer

Karen Naimer, JD, LLM, MA

Director of the Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, Boston

Karen Naimer directs PHR's Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, a training and advocacy initiative that bolsters the ability of doctors, nurses, police officers, lawyers, and judges to support survivors of sexual violence and to collect, document, and preserve forensic evidence related to these crimes. The program cultivates networks of collaboration among medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel to strengthen prosecutions of and accountability for sexual violence in East and Central Africa and elsewhere. Learn More »

Christina Perez

Christina Perez

Development Associate, New York

Christina Perez provides administrative and logistical support for PHR’s development team. She manages gift processing, helps maintain the donor database, generates reports, and participates in fundraising activities including direct mail appeals and special events. Learn More »

Claudia Rader

Claudia Rader, MS

Content and Marketing Manager, New York

Claudia Rader oversees the production of all PHR publications and creates content to raise PHR’s visibility and tell the organization’s story to new audiences. She brings 30 years of experience as a journalist, producer, and writer for international news organizations, UN agencies, and a range of development, humanitarian, and human rights groups. Learn More »

Simran Sachdev

Simran Sachdev, MS

Online Communications Coordinator, New York

Simran Sachdev spearheads PHR’s online advocacy and communication efforts. Sachdev is a writer and activist with a passion for human rights and gender equality. She has contributed articles to various online news sources, including The Daily Beast, Women's eNews, AlterNet, and Lipstick & Politics. Learn More »

Jennine Sawwan

Jennine Sawwan

Asylum Program Assistant, New York

Jennine Sawwan supports the Asylum Program at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) by handling daily operations, including logistics, travel, expense and budget tracking, outreach, meeting coordination, and communication with Asylum Network members. She also aids in the facilitation of case placements among network members. Learn More »

Kay Schaffer

Kay Schaffer

Executive Assistant, New York

Kay Schaffer is responsible for providing administrative support to the executive director of PHR. She assists the director in numerous capacities, including scheduling meetings, creating travel itineraries, and tracking financials. Schaffer is also responsible for office maintenance, including assisting visitors, fielding inquires, and completing other administrative tasks. Learn More »

Stefan Schmitt

Stefan Schmitt, MS

Director of the International Forensic Program

Stefan Schmitt directs PHR’s International Forensic Program. Most recently, Schmitt documented a massacre by Qaddafi forces in Tripoli for Libyan authorities and the International Criminal Court. Subsequently, the authorities asked him to assemble a team of forensic and legal experts to conduct a human identification needs assessment and gap analysis to advise on identifying the dead from Libya’s revolution. Learn More »

Beth Scully

Beth Scully

Grant Writer, New York

Beth Scully communicates with governments and institutional funders to garner financial support for PHR’s work around the world. Learn More »

Sue Simon

Sue Simon, MPA

Director, Forensic Training Institute, New York

In collaboration with program staff and PHR trainers, Sue Simon is helping to increase global capacity to collect, analyze, and preserve credible evidence to expose and stop human rights abuses through PHR’s Forensic Training Institute. The institute will strengthen the ability of medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel to investigate torture, mass atrocities, sexual violence, and the persecution of health care workers and seek redress through local, national, and international justice mechanisms. Learn More »

Susannah Sirkin

Susannah Sirkin, MEd

Director of International Policy and Partnerships/Senior Advisor, Boston and New York

Susannah Sirkin oversees PHR’s international policy engagement including our work with the United Nations, domestic and international justice systems, and human rights coalitions. Sirkin is also responsible for managing and multiplying PHR’s strategic partnerships globally, expanding our volunteers from the medical and scientific community, and increasing our partnerships with NGOs, medical institutions, and other relationships that can enhance PHR’s effectiveness and grow the field of human rights activists. Learn More »

Linnea VanPilsum-Bloom

Linnea VanPilsum-Bloom

Operations Associate, New York

Linnea VanPilsum-Bloom assists PHR’s deputy director of information technology. In addition to supporting information technology, administration, and human resources functions, she is responsible for office management. Learn More »